CCS – Permanent Recruitment 2

CCS – Permanent Recruitment 2

CCS – Permanent Recruitment 2

The long-awaited CCS Permanent Recruitment 2 has been released to the market. Executive roles have been removed from this iteration of the procurement, with a separate framework to follow.

This will be the replacement agreement for RM6002 Permanent Recruitment Solutions and will support the hiring needs of UK central government departments including arms-length bodies (ALBs) and all other public sector bodies across the wider public sector.

It is anticipated that Permanent Recruitment 2 will provide permanent and supporting services including, but not limited to,
• Clinical recruitment
• General recruitment
• Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)
• Talent mapping
• Testing and assessment centres
• Technology services
• International recruitment
• Project recruitment process outsourcing

Publication Date 10th September 2021

Procedure: Open

Deadline (STC): 12th October 2021

Framework est. length/value: 2 Years

Framework: Value 45 million

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