ESPO – Consultancy Services

ESPO – Consultancy Services

ESPO – Consultancy Services

ESPO (in collaboration with YPO) are seeking to establish a framework agreement with a number of service providers for the provision of consultancy services to the Public Sector.  Something here for providers from every sector.

The framework is divided into following lots:
– Lot 1 Business Services
– Lot 2a Audit Consultancy
– Lot 2b Internal Audit Services
– Lot 2c External Audit Services
– Lot 2d General Finance
– Lot 2e Procurement
– Lot 2f Revenues and Benefits
– Lot 2g Tax
– Lot 2h Treasury Management
– Lot 3 Food and Catering
– Lot 4a Public Health
– Lot 4b Social Care (Adults)
– Lot 4c Social Care (Children)
– Lot 5 Highways, Transport and Logistics
– Lot 6a Operational IT
– Lot 6b Strategic IT
– Lot 7 Leisure, Culture and Tourism
– Lot 8a Asset Management and Delivery
– Lot 8b Environmental and Sustainability
– Lot 8c Facilities Management
– Lot 8d Health and Safety
– Lot 8e Housing and Housing Support
– Lot 8f Planning, Valuation and Structure
– Lot 8g Regeneration and Regional Development
– Lot 8h Waste and Recycling
– Lot 9a Community Research and Engagement
– Lot 9b Marketing, Communications and PR
– Lot 10 Strategic Projects

Publication date: 21st September 2020

Procedure: Open

Deadline (STC): 19th October 2020 midday

Framework est. length/value: 2 Years

Value: £200,000,000

More Details:

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