ESPO – HR & Workforce Digital Solutions (RFI)

ESPO – HR & Workforce Digital Solutions (RFI)

ESPO – HR & Workforce Digital Solutions (RFI)

ESPO this week have released a Request for Information (RFI) for HR & Workforce Digital Solutions as part of a pre-market engagement. This is a potentially exciting opportunity for HRTech/RechTech providers (with a SaaS offering) who want to trade more widely within the public sector but are fed up trying to shoehorn their delivery model into the G-Cloud terms.

The proposed framework is split into six potential lots.

Lot 1 – Digital Compliance and Vetting Solutions

Lot 2 – Digital Recruitment Solutions

Lot 3 – Digital Workforce Planning and Scheduling Solutions

Lot 4 – Digital Human Resources Management Solutions

Lot 5 – Digital Payroll Solutions

Lot 6 – General HR (catch-all for various modular solutions)

The request asks a broad range of questions from suitable markets, through to pricing and insurance, with the opportunity for providers to shape the scope of the framework at this early stage. Don’t be daunted by the questions about prior experience in the public sector – this is just ESPO testing demand/current market landscape.

The expression of interest is via Pro contract and under ESPO – see link below.

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