Ordnance Survey – Framework

Ordnance Survey – Framework

Ordnance Survey – Framework

Ordnance Survey framework, newest and lastest framework out today a large multi-lot framework covering 11 lots for all roles, temporary, permanent and contracting with a price % ceiling for each.

Lot 1 Financial Operations

Lot 2 Financial Management

Lot 3 Procurement

Lot 4 Legal, Audit, Risk and Compliance

Lot 5 Human Resources

Lot 6 Data

Lot 7 Brand, Marketing and Communications

Lot 8 Business Analysis and Project Management

Lot 9 Business Development and Commercial

Lot 10 Engineering, Architecture, Security, Digital and GI Data Production

Lot 11 Customer Service and Administration

Publication date:  30th October 2019

Procedure: Open

Deadline (STC): 29th November 16.00

Framework est. length: 3 Years

Number of suppliers:  Up to 10 per lot

How to apply: Delta Ecsourcing Portal

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